Welcome to Smart Automations

Smart Automations are Europe's foremost home automation specialist company. Imagine when you walk into your home, the hallway lights switch on as you walk and switch off behind you! Your favourite music plays, your favourite TV channel switches on, the lights create a shade and mood to suit your evening. Your home listens to your voice, it learns and listens to you while adapting itself to serve you!

We have the widest range of home automation products that allow us to provide the optimal solution with the best combination of products and style for your home automation needs. We streamline and simplify your home technology and integrate it with a simple colour touch panel, pre-programmed remote control or even using voice activation. No more walking into each room and turning the gadgets on and off, your remote control walks with you!

Whether you need audio system in multiple rooms, or distributed video or home cinema theatres or heating & lighting control or CCTV & security systems or automated blinds and curtains, we are that one place where you can find it all. We also provide design, supply and installation of centralised vacuum cleaning systems. We have a highly experienced specialist team to advise, design and carry out installations, repairs and maintenance.


"At Smart Automations you dream and we deliver!"
"We bring your dreams to reality and make your home a dream home."